Wellness ‘For the Culture’

Wellness ‘For the Culture’

By Crystal Martin
December 1, 2018 | The New York Times

“You don’t have to lose your culture”: Healthy-hack your comfort foods.

“Wellness is for everyone, but because it’s a luxury it feels so inaccessible,” Ms. Annya Santana, who hails from the Bronx, said. “The question is: How can people who have experienced systemic economic and social oppression feel wellness in their lives?”

Her interest in wellness led to her founding Menos Mas, a beauty company that offers six multiuse body and face products with the tagline, “gender-fluid skincare. A wellness lifestyle for the culture.” All of the products are made by hand with locally sourced, organic ingredients, and the company’s marketing speaks visually and directly to African-American and Latinx communities.

Ask yourself: What do I eat normally and what is the healthier version of that? “You don’t have to lose your culture. I still eat rice and beans. I just use brown rice now,” said Ms. Santana.

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