Slow Down and Be Mindful to Survive Next Era of Tech

Slow Down and Be Mindful to Survive the Next Era of Tech

By Farhad Manjoo

Published November 28, 2018 | The New York Times

In his final State of the Art column, Farhad Manjoo reflects on the industry’s changes and presents a new guide for navigating the future of technology.

One reason the tech industry feels as terrible as it now does is that many of us failed to appreciate the collective power of our choices. Ten years ago, smartphones looked like fun gadgets and social media seemed like a harmless pastime — and few saw the implications for society in their ubiquity, not least the people running the companies and making this stuff.

The lesson of the last decade is that our private tech choices can alter economies and societies. They matter. And they matter most in the mindless rush, when everyone seems to be jumping on board the latest new thing, because it’s in these heady moments that we lose sight of the precise risks of turning ourselves over to tech.

That’s why the most important lesson I’ve gleaned in writing this column is this: Just slow down. Don’t jump on the newest thing. If it isn’t plagued with bugs or security nightmares, some other unexpected, emergent risk probably lies within it — and whatever its short-term benefits, you may live to regret it… [More]


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