How to stay productive while working at home

How to stay productive while working at home with your partner

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Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, couples are now having to navigate a whole new set of rules as they have to live and work together under the same roof. While there are benefits – no commute, company at lunchtime – there are also many challenges that can arise – from lack of privacy and disruptive Zoom calls to zero downtime. We look at ways to help ensure that working together doesn’t end in divorce.

Establish WFH rules

Rules are important when it comes to sharing a workspace, whether it’s at home or in the office. In an article for The New York Times, psychologist and author, Guy Winch suggests establishing some office rules in the home. These might include asking yourself and your partner: “What are our work hours? Where do we go when one of us needs to take a call? Where will our individual workstations be? Who keeps an eye on the kids and when?” Dr Winch also suggests building in some ‘spousal distancing’ and suggests factoring in a solo walk every day.

Keep a routine

Working from home will be a novelty at first, but like all novelties it will wear thin with time. It’s important for both parties to treat WFH as seriously as they would working from the office. No working from bed, always getting dressed for work (so no pyjama days), and factoring in regular tea breaks all bring structure to the working day.

Set boundaries

One key to successful shared working is setting – and maintaining – boundaries. “Set boundaries around work time so you can devote all of your focus to work when required and then completely switch off when it’s family time,” suggests psychotherapist and founder of The Talented Ladies Club, Hannah Martin in an article on “Be clear with your employer about when you will and won’t be checking emails and stick to it. If you respect your own boundaries, other people will too.” This applies to your partner, too…[More]


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