Best Dash Cam Options for Small Businesses

Best Dash Cam Options for Small Businesses

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There are many reasons why you might be looking for a dash cam. Maybe you run a small business with a delivery fleet, are an independent contract driver, or simply use your vehicle for business reasons. There are a wide variety of dash cams that may suit your needs. But like most tech these days, the best dash cams come in all shapes and sizes, with equally varying prices and features.

Some of the best dash cams are under $100 and are simple to set up and have standard features. In contrast, the higher-end dash cams will come with more robust features, including voice control, speed camera warnings, or even home integration via Alexa. All of this, of course, comes with a larger price tag.

It is important to note that most dash cams are primarily designed to work when the car is in motion, but some battery options will also keep recording when the car is parked.

How do Dash Cams Work?

Dash cameras work by using your vehicle as a power source. It uses a mount, usually a suction cup or magnetic mount, and records the road as you drive. Many dash cams also have features that monitor the vehicle while parked and record video around it.

Benefits of Using a Dash Cam for Your Business

If you’re still undecided about whether you should get a dash cam, here are some benefits to having one in your vehicle:

  • Accidents: If you are in an accident you will have dash cam footage of the entire situation. This can be used as evidence if the cause or fault of the accident is questioned.
  • Safety: Drivers can feel safer knowing they have an interior camera to record footage of them and their fares, in case an incident occurs.
  • Promote Safe Driving: Anyone using a vehicle for job-related purposes is considerably more likely to follow all traffic rules knowing they are being recorded.
  • Insurance Savings – Many insurance companies offer discounts for using dash cams.

Best Dash Cams for Small Businesses

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